The Essential Life 8th Edition [Virtual Book]
The Essential Life 8th Edition [Virtual Book]
The Essential Life 8th Edition [Virtual Book]
The Essential Life 8th Edition [Virtual Book]
The Essential Life 8th Edition [Virtual Book]
The Essential Life 8th Edition [Virtual Book]
The Essential Life 8th Edition [Virtual Book]
The Essential Life 8th Edition [Virtual Book]
The Essential Life 8th Edition [Virtual Book]
The Essential Life 8th Edition [Virtual Book]
The Essential Life 8th Edition [Virtual Book]
The Essential Life 8th Edition [Virtual Book]

The Essential Life 8th Edition [Virtual Book]

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We are excited to present The Essential Life, 8th Edition, providing unparalleled knowledge on the newest products and research.

This latest version contains NEW material to deepen your essential oil knowledge:

  • New Convention oils + Midnight Forest and Hope
  • Updated blends and single oils
  • Revamped supplement pages
  • New products woven into quick reference tables, protocols, focus areas, and more
  • All-new weight management & cleanse protocols
  • In-depth sourcing information and maps
  • Refreshed protocols and recipes
  • Improved chemical and compound information

     As you enjoy The Essential Life, 8th Edition, you’ll relish the beautiful knowledge-filled pages. Welcome to The Essential Life. 

    About The Essential Life:

    Perfect for beginners and experts alike, The Essential Life 8th edition is your go-to essential oil guide for any questions you may have about using essential oils — in any aspect of your life!

    Get essential oil recommendations and remedies for each body system, like the brain and respiratory system, as well as focus areas such as allergies, intimacy, or detoxification. 

    This essential oil guide features an A-Z section for looking up ailments and quickly finding the top five essential oils for that ailment.

    You’ll have accessible information on every essential oil sold by dōTERRA thanks to an alphabetized Single Oil and Blend section filled with in-depth information.

    For beginners, you’ll learn how to incorporate oil usage safely and powerfully. And for experts, this guide also provides chemistry and in-depth knowledge on why oils can be a powerful component in your life, taking your oil knowledge even deeper.

    Finally, oils can be fun! You’ll have extensive access to over a hundred recipes for everyday life and activities, taking oils beyond the vast health benefits.

    The Essential Life is a return to plant remedies used throughout the ages. 

    It’s about inspiring individuals to create wellness instead of waiting for it. It’s about empowering families to discover solutions. It’s a trajectory toward an elevated quality of life. It’s about scientific facts, simplicity, and clear direction. 

    Use The Essential Life to:

    • Discover how to incorporate essential oils into your everyday life
    • Learn healing attributes and common uses of specific essential oils
    • Encounter deeper levels of wellness by resolving root causes
    • Explore how to use essential oil in cooking, cleaning, and lifestyle
    • Understand the science of essential oils and how they impact your health
    • Locate remedies quickly using action and substitution charts


    The Essential Life is available in multiple languages, both in print and on the app.

    With each new edition, we guarantee the best, science-backed information available from leading industry experts.


    Why You Can Trust The Essential Life

    The Essential Life makes your life easier. This book is the most trusted and accessible resource for essential oil usage. You don't have to be an expert to use this guide!

    The Essential Life is easy-to-read and is equipped with the latest, up-to-date medical research and the most comprehensive recommendations.

    Industry experts craft each page of The Essential Life to ensure that we provide you with the best research and proven solutions. 

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